Black Market Karma - Aped Flair And Hijacked Ideas

Aped Flair And Hijacked Ideas.

Release date 1st July 2022

A double album on 180 gram coloured vinyl with a gatefold sleeve.


In Stan's words---

“I’ve affectionately dubbed the sound of this record “Aquatica”

It’s like a psychedelic carousel of syrupy melody and liquid audio. Fat, baggy, saturated bass & drums, shimmering jangly guitars, wobbling fuzz, drunken keyboards and telephonic vocals. Imagine The Velvet Underground & The Troggs making tunes together but underwater, performing on marine life instead of instruments and routing the whole thing through a UFO. Lyrics range from observations of the sycophantic circles that leech from the arts, desperately trying to feel spiritually close to a love that is geographically far, Japanese folklore and the deep connection between man and beast”

Black Market Karma - Aped Flair And Hijacked Ideas

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  • Side A

    1: Dead Trajectory

    2: In My Child Mind

    3: Foresight For Hindsight

    Side B

    1: Kodama

    2: Jumble Jumble

    3: Cadet # 2187

    Side C

    1: The Sunshine Maker

    2: Urchin

    3: Kong

    Side D

    1: A Crying Shame

    2: Ace's Trip Through The Cosmic Ether

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