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Black Market Karma - Friends In Noise

Friends In Noise - Release date TBA

To be released as a single 12" LP. Normal weight black vinyl, with black inner sleeve.

A collection of collaberations between Black Market Karma and musical allies.

Working with-----

Ruari Meehan ( a friendship dating back a good few years now) co written with Stan Belton
Craig Dyer (The Underground Youth) co written with Stan Belton

Tess Parks, co written with Stan Belton
Joakim Alhund ( Les Big Byrd) A remix of Black Market Karma song"Heady Ideas" from Joakim.
A remix of Les Big Byrd song "War In The Street" from Stan Belton

Butchy Davy (The Confederate Dead) co written with Stan Belton.


Black Market Karma - Friends In Noise

  • Side A

    1: Aping Flair with Ruari Meehan - Stanley Belton & Ruari Meehan

    2: Wonky with The Underground Youth - Stanley Belton & Craig Dyer.

    3: The Sky Was All Diseased with Tess Parks - Stanley Belton & Tess Parks

    Side B

    1: Heady Ideas - Joakim Ahlund Remix 

    2: War In The Street -  Stanley Belton Remix.

    3: Aging Boy with The Confederate Dead - Butchy Davy & Stanley Belton

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