Black Market Karma, Sonic Boom - The Sour Truth

Black Market Karma - The Sour Truth with Sonic Boom


A taste of the upcoming Black Market Karma 10” Vinyl single featuring & produced with Sonic Boom AKA Peter Kember of Spacemen 3 / Spectrum / EAR


Some words from Stanley Belton of Black Market Karma


“I’ve loved Pete’s music since I was a teenager so to hear that he dug this song ‘The Sour Truth’ and then to have him feature on it has been magic. He added a pair of sugary sweet synth melodies, percussion and some lush production elements. He also mixed it.


It needed a B-Side and I’d had this new song floating around in my skull for a while called ‘Wisdom Shifter’ that I felt complimented it perfectly, so I recorded it and here we are”


Release date TBA

Black Market Karma, Sonic Boom - The Sour Truth

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  • Side A

    The Sour Truth featuring Sonic Boom

    Side B

    Wisdom Shifter

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