Donovan - Catch The Wind, 1971, UK (Translucent Red Vinyl)

Donovan - Catch The Wind

(Hallmark HMA 200)

Released 1971, Hallmark Label, manufactured in UK

Single sleeve.

The Record is translucent red when held up to the light


Track Listing

Side 1

Track 1: Catch The Wind

Track 2: Candy Man

Track 3: The Alamo

Track 4: Sunny Goodge Street

Track 5: Ramblin' Boy

Side 2

Track 6: Universal Soldier 

Track 7: Little Tin Soldier

Track 8: Turquoise

Track 9: Goldwatch Blues

Track 10: The Ballad Of A Crystal Man



Catch the Wind is a compilation album from Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan. It was released in the United Kingdom (Hallmark Records HMA 200) in 1971 and did not chart. This 1971 release bears little resemblance to the 1965 version of What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid released as Catch the Wind in the United States.

In 1971, Hallmark Records gained the rights to Donovan's 1965 Pye Records recordings. Hallmark titled the first compilation Catch the Wind and released it in 1971. Even with a compilation already on the market, Pye subsidiary Golden Hour Records released a compilation of the same recordings as Golden Hour of Donovan in the United Kingdom within the same year. The following year, Hallmark assembled a second compilation titled Colours.

It should be noticed that the Album Cover was printed wrongly as Donovan is right handed and not left handed as shown in the cover photo


(information sourced from wikipedia)

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Donovan - Catch The Wind, 1971, UK (Translucent Red Vinyl)

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  • Artist: Donovan

    Album: Catch The Wind (single sleeve)

    Label: Hallmark, HMA 200

    Year: 1971

    Country: UK

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