Golden Dawn - Power Plant, 1988, UK (EEC)

Golden Dawn - Power Plant

(Decal LIK 24)

Reissue Released 1988, Decal/Charly label, manufactured in Great Britian (EEC)

Single sleeve.


Track Listing

Side 1

Track 1: Evolution - 3:30

Track 2: This Way Please - 5:03

Track 3: Starvation - 2.52

Track 4: I'll Be Around - 3.00

Track 5: Seeing Is Believing - 2.20

Side 2

Track 6: My Time - 3.51

Track 7: A Nice Suprise - 2.53

Track 8: Every Day - 3.58

Track 9: Tell Me Why - 2.08

Track 10: Reaching Out To You - 2.32



The Golden Dawn are an American psychedelic rock band formed in Austin, Texas, in 1966. The band released one album, titled Power Plant, before breaking up soon after the album's release in 1968. The 1966 release of the album was withheld by International Artists, until after The 13th Floor Elevators' album Easter Everywhere was released, even though the Golden Dawn album, Power Plant was recorded nearly a year earlier. As a result, the Power Plant's reviews tagged it as a copy cat record, unworthy of positive consideration. George Kinney remained a recluse figure in the music world for decades until a reemergence in 2001, when the original album, Power Plant, became an iconic psychedelic legend on the world stage.


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Golden Dawn - Power Plant, 1988, UK (EEC)

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  • Band: The Golden Dawn

    Album: Power Plant (Single sleeve reissue)

    Label: Decal, LIK 24

    Year: 1988

    Country: Great Britain

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    Single Sleeve in Excellent condtion.

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