The Confederate Dead - It Was Meant To Happen

We’re elated to announce the release of The Confederate Dead’s brilliant debut album ‘It Was Meant To Happen’ on Flower Power Records 28th April 2022. Originally released in 2012, we’ll be celebrating its 10th birthday by bringing it to heavyweight coloured Vinyl for the first time ever. 


In their own words "Reverb drenched songs of colour and death are at the heartbeat of The Confederate Dead's music. With influences ranging from 60's Psychedelia through to Islamic prayer and Neo Psych / Drone, you hear blends of Galaxie 500, The Doors, Joy Division and The Brian Jonestown Massacre"


This record goes from apocalyptic crunch on tracks like 'Man Ray' and '79,52…..' to cavernous swagger such as 'You're So High (When You Cry)' through to stoned afternoons amongst the flora on 'Where Flowers Grow'


This is top class modern psychedelia, elevated by the knowledge that it's made by top class people.

The Confederate Dead - It Was Meant To Happen

  • Side A

    1: Already Dead 

    2: Lo-Fi

    3: You're So High (When You Cry)

    4: Need To Know

    5: 79,52-------

    Side B

    1: Man Ray

    2: Where Flowers Grow

    3: How I Feel

    4: Fascination

    5: The Girl I Never Knew

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